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Benefits of Commercial Window Films:

Efficiency Assured
MK Tints; a trusted name in the window film business for many years. We supply and install a comprehensive line of commercial films.
Because we work so closely with our customers, we have been able to gain a unique insight that have led to better design of window film products to address heat load, glare, and fading. This enables MK Tints to constantly provide the highest level of film quality to dealers.
There are a variety of window film shades to choose from including colours to match the external look of your commercial building, from Offices to Dealerships. Some films provide better heat reduction, while others create a more private work environment. Depending on your needs, there's a flat glass film that will work for you.
We supply a wide range of professional brand named window films. More information about the brands we supply can be located by clicking on the logos displayed on the right of this page.
If you are looking to increase protection against shattered glass or dangerous shards, JWF Safe Plus films are made from a durable polymer film, with an adhesive system in place to help hold glass in place during breakage due to environmental effects, criminal damage or vandalism.
At MK Tints, our products also help protect your buildings exterior and enhance the overall appearance aesthetics, as well as reducing levels of glare and excess heat from constant sunlight.
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