MK Tints Categories
Our window tinting Films come with a full manufacture's 10 year guarantee on 75% of our products.
Residential Films
The Solar Screen tinting films we use reject up to 73% of the sun's heat and energy, preventing your conservatory from heating up as quickly as it normally would.
Commercial Films
Because we work so closely with our customers, we have been able to gain a unique insight that has led to better design of window film products to address heat load, glare, and fading.
Is your conservatory too much of a hot house come summertime? MK Tints provide a wide range of films designed to help cool your conservatory.
Auto Tints
An exclusive range of films in a variety of shades from light to dark including ceramic tints.
About MK Tints
MK Tints are a name to be highly recommended and trusted, we have been running for over 15 years building a respectable client base and building a business year by year to be proud of.

Originally calling the company “MK Auto Tints”, we have now evolved in a well established distribution company due to the expanding market of window film installation within the Automotive market, as well as Commercial and Residential applications. We have a crew of approved installers of window films, which include the majority of automotive vehicles, conservatory roofs, offices, security and homes.
Approved installers of LLumar, Hanita and Johnsons window films.
Fully trained installation team with over 10 years experience.
Authorised Installers:
Guaranteed high quality workmanship.